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4 Critical Behaviours for Safety Leaders

A leader that is ready to reflect and apply the qualities of the Hero Code is what is desired at all leadership levels in the workplace. The Hero Code principles are applied through a focus on values alignment and developing excellent relationships (rapport) that create a workplace culture with a strong foundation of dignity, care and trust.

We need consistent leadership behaviour, at all levels in a workplace, that works constantly to align safety values and coach consistent safety behaviours. Establishing such leadership throughout a workforce is today’s ultimate safety challenge. If done well, it will determine success for organisations that want to achieve Zero Harm through a generative workforce culture.

The 4 critical behaviours are as follows. We refer to them as the Hero C.O.D.E.

Courage to Act:

As a Hero Code leader in the workplace, it is important that you speak up and let people know if and when the work is dangerous. We call this courage because not everyone is comfortable about raising a safety issue. Your courage to act may feel uncomfortable, but it just might help save someone from being injured or worse.

Own the Challenge:

Although you are primarily responsible for your actions, you can also influence the actions of people around you. Whatever you do in a workplace you need to own the challenge of creating a safe working environment. Your challenge is to take responsibility (together with your workmates) for ensuring your immediate work area is safe at all times.

Demonstrating Passion:

If you think about the most influential people in the workplace, it’s not always what they say or do, it’s how they do it. Notice how passionate they are when they are putting across their point of view or carrying out that activity!

Demonstrating passion is an essential element that shows how that person feels about a particular issue. You too can demonstrate a passion for creating a safe work environment by choosing to bring energy to the way you own the challenge or show the courage to act!

 Engaging Respectfully:

Engaging Respectfully is a practice that builds a strong foundation of care and trust.  It doesn’t matter how difficult the conversation may be, you should always Engage Respectfully, irrespective of who you are engaging with or what level they are within the organisation. Everyone deserves respect!

Engaging Respectfully is not a one-off event – it must be done consistently with all your work colleagues, at all times.

 If you want to learn more about the Hero Code Project, please feel free to go online and sign up for the free Hero Code for Teams course. You can also contact us for a no-obligation discussion if you are looking to inculcate these critical behaviours for safety leaders into your organisation’s leadership.

If interested, please book a 15-minute discovery call to talk to us or visit our website to learn more about how we can assist your organisation.

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