We must break the CODE to create highly reliable workplaces.

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Get to know the Fusion Safety team of safety management consultants a little closely.
Our team comprises a diverse group of people united in their vision to improve lives, working tirelessly, through dedication, innovation and cutting-edge technology, towards creating
a zero harm work culture.

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Craig Docherty
Base Camp, Mt Beauty, Australia.

What does he do?
Craig is an Occupational Health and Safety professional with 30 years of experience. He has a Science Degree with a major in Occupational Health and Safety and is a Charted Professional Member of the Safety Institute of Australia.

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Craig Docherty

CEO & Founder

dr ross rynehart leadership safety culture fusion safety management

Ross Rynehart
Base Camp, Mt Beauty, Australia.

What does he do?  
Ross is our resident Leadership Development authority and has worked closely with Craig to develop the flagship Hero Code and ULT Programs. He has an impressive set of degrees which include a PhD, M.Ed (Hons), Dip. Ed, Dip Spec.Ed, and BAppSc(Agr). Originally qualifying as a Science and Agriculture teacher, Ross moved into education consultancy early in his career. He later worked as Station Leader in Antarctica, Operational Manager for Natural Resources and Principal Consultant for Leadership Development for the Queensland Government. He established his own leadership development company which he ran for 20 years before joining Craig at Fusion Safety. Ross is our resident perturbator!

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Dr Ross Rynehart

Director L2C2

latha photo leadership safety culture fusion safety management

Latha Ramaya
Senior Manager
Asia Hub, Singapore

What does she do? 
Latha started her career in the Singapore Navy for 3.5 years as a navigation specialist before pursuing her commerce degree in Human Resource Management and Business Law at Murdoch University. She comes with experience in the finance and educational industry with expertise in recruitment, compliance and training management.

Latha’s role supports the Asia Hub of Fusion Safety in all commercial, human resource and finance matters, enabling the Hub to function effectively and efficiently as a leading provider of safety services.

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Latha Ramaya

Senior Manager (Enabling)

nick rankin leadership safety culture fusion safety management

Nick Rankin
Business Executive
Base Camp, Mt Beauty Australia 

What does he do? 

Nick’s role supports the corporate arm of Fusion Safety in all business matters as well as assisting hubs where required.

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Nick Rankin

Business Executive

shawal mohamed leadership safety culture fusion safety management

Shawal Mohamed, GradIOSH 
Asia Hub, Singapore.

What does he do?
Shawal is a Health, Safety and Environment professional with 22 years of experience. He has an Environmental & Occupational Health Safety Degree in addition to his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering specialising in Aerospace Materials. He is also a Graduate Professional Member with the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health in the United Kingdom.

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Shawal Mohamed

Director (Projects)

nabil zainol leadership safety culture fusion safety management

Nabil Zainol
General Manager (Consulting) 
Asia HUB, Singapor

What does he do?   
Nabil attained his Bachelor’s degree in Health, Safety & Environment from Curtin University in Perth, Australia in 2012. Since then, he has accrued 10 years of experience within the Consulting realm of OHS. He is a registered Workplace Safety & Health Officer with the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore, and is a Graduate member of IOSH.

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Nabil Zainol

General Manager (Consulting)

How can we break the CODE?

Businesses often come to us frustrated because they’re not seeing the safety improvements they want or need.

Their management teams are on board. They’ve developed good policies and procedures. Their teams have the skills and knowledge they need. 

But there’s still a gap between where you are and where you want to be when it comes to organisational performance and culture. 


Because a safe workplace  one that is highly reliable  is like a four-combination lock. And all four elements are critical if you want to be a workplace with exceptional safety, efficiency, and quality.

Most organisations only consider the first three elements of the lock. But you can’t break the CODE without all four. 

The fourth element – an empowered workforce – is the key to breaking the CODE. 

And it requires a different kind of leadership. 


How can we help you break the CODE?

The Hero Code

Improve safety and success by unlocking leadership at all levels.

We know that you can only bring out the leadership potential of anybody and everybody in the workplace through empowerment. It kicks off an unstoppable momentum that results in change.

The Hero Code is our proven strategy to empower your workforce and unlock leadership at all levels. 

The Hero Code is based on a set of powerful guiding principles that goes beyond compliance. It creates a culture of care where every employee, at every level, is given a voice.


You can implement the Hero Code:

/ as individual via the IOSH-Certified Hero Code Playbook

/ at a larger scale for organisations through the Hero Code Project

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executive leadership tool leadership safety culture fusion safety management

Mindful Organising for Safety Survey

Create a highly reliable organisation by implementing mindful organising. 

There are six characteristics typical of highly reliable organisations:

  1. Preoccupation with failure
  2. Reluctance to simplify
  3. Sensitivity to operations
  4. Commitment to resilience
  5. Deference to expertise
  6. Governance awareness and alignment

The Mindful Organising for Safety Survey (MOSS) is a diagnostic tool that provides a clear picture of your organisation based on these characteristics. 

By implementing mindful organising through the MOSS, you will be setting the highest standard for workplace safety in your company culture.


Sharing our Knowledge

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