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Defining a Compelling Story
(Determining the risk tolerance of your Executive Leadership)

At Fusion Safety, we believe that any organisational change project that aims at improving the health and safety of the workforce is best led by an Executive Leadership Group which is aligned and committed to common goals and strategies.

Defining a compelling story is focussed on understanding the nature of the Executive Leadership’s commitment to health and safety and using that understanding to bring clarity around organisational values and how they specifically relate to safety and health through the development of a compelling story for the organisation. A compelling story contrasts with a well-crafted yet bland corporate statement about health and safety by evoking a degree of excitement and optimism towards health and safety, and at the same time, setting clear expectations for performance.

Throughout this phase, the Executive Leadership Group’s point of view is expressed openly and explored rigorously through group meetings, surveys and interviews.

This process results in a very clear insight into organisational alignment around values and the current status of health and safety from an Executive Leadership perspective and provides the knowledge required to develop a blueprint for the organisation’s Health and Safety Compelling Story. Once created, this compelling story will be used to energise and motivate the workforce and will become the focus for both the Phase 2 Health Check and Phase 3 Strategy.

/ The process includes:

  • Executive Leadership Survey (Circulation and analysis of response)
  • One-on-one interviews with Senior Leaders (Zoom) – 1 hr each, up to 5 Executive Leaders
  • Developing the Compelling Story Blueprint for approval
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Leadership & Culture

We specialise in the development of exemplar safety cultures that are highly effective, sustainable and ‘sticky’. At the core of exemplar safety cultures is leadership. We build the dynamic leadership cultures that drive safety. At the core of our approach is the Hero Code.

Fusion Safety

Fusion Safety is a team of highly skilled professionals, driven by the idea of improving lives through bespoke global safety and environmental solutions for businesses. Combining cutting edge technologies with proven techniques and innovative solutions, we assist organisations to help protect their workforce. We also lead the way for multinational companies that operate across the globe by bringing a unique understanding of the challenges of operating in different regions. This enables
us to provide targeted solutions for each of our partners with whom we nurture collaborative, trust-based relationships.
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