Contractor Safety Management Program (CSMP)

The Contractor Safety Management Program or CSMP allows clients and main contractors to have an upstream impact on influencing a Harm Free environment on-site.

The CSMP starts even before work commences as contractors are assessed and graded. Upon having their safety posture assessed as being positive, they are assisted in the development of their HSE documentation, fields manuals and Master RA in preparation for coming on-site.

Fusion Safety’s CSMP allows clients and main contractors to have peace of mind on-site as our FAST team provides supervision and oversight to ensure an incident-free environment.

The CSMP also specialises in handover phases, to once again ensure that safety and health matters are incorporated within these plans and‎ that risks are clearly understood by incoming parties. Fusion Safety acts as a critical interface between incoming and outgoing entities to assure no blind spots exist.

Fusion Safety’s role will be to measure, recommend, and provide ongoing solutions to every phase of the project starting from tendering, pre-bidding, subcontractor/vendor selection, real-time construction site oversight and management, and finally, to the critical stage where tenants take over their plots and areas.

Our approach begins at the front end of a project, with contract language built into tender specifications and contractor selection requirements. It also involves participation in the planning of the stages of construction, specifically construction and design review incorporating elements of design for safety.

We aim to be the one-stop centre for the client’s Health, Safety and Environmental needs during a Project, thus alleviating the need to source numerous consulting firms during the different phases of development.

/ Concept of Operations

The mode and concept of operations see Fusion Safety provide support and guidance through the following stages of a project:

  1. Set-up and pre-bid
  2. Project award
  3. Monitoring
  4. Handing over

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We provide complete and comprehensive solutions to meet your Project Safety needs. We can provide competent HSE manpower that is continually coached and supported, along with safety management systems (SMS) and processes that work! Our best efforts will ensure that the outcome is well beyond the compliance required.

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