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Fusion Safety’s Alignment of Safety & Values with Fortis Construction

In this case study, Fusion Safety CEO, Craig Docherty, reflects on the strong relationship with multinational construction company Fortis Construction, and how the relationship has blossomed over time.

Dating back to 2018, I remember vividly that our first meeting with Fortis Construction was very focused on the company’s Core Values and the importance of a strong Safety Culture. These values and approaches to safety would be applied to the unique opportunity to deliver a significant large-scale build for a confidential client. At this same meeting, Fortis’ Senior Director looked me right in the eyes and said directly, “I want you to bring your best game.” From that moment, Fusion Safety was motivated to do our best work…every day.

To ensure that Fusion Safety’s values and procedures aligned with those of Fortis, company leadership on both sides committed significant time to early planning. This planning was key in setting a project plan that would utilize Fortis’ proven programs from the US and blend them seamlessly with necessary updates for Singapore.

From there, Fusion Safety helped Fortis Construction to build a high level of competency in the project’s workforce by partnering to design and manage a “Centre of Excellence.” The Centre was designed to accommodate the successful training of every craft worker over the lifecycle of the project, and it became the pillar of implementing competency programs that focused on providing knowledge and ensuring that knowledge was consciously transferred into workplace practices through experiential and action-based learning techniques.

Another goal that Fusion Safety set with Fortis Construction was to give all levels of leadership the ability to contribute towards workplace safety and actively participate in safety leadership. Everyone would have a voice and that voice would be heard. To achieve this goal, we worked together with Fortis to implement a specialized workplace training program. The training program was also supported by the development of the Hero Code Project, which provided the required knowledge and skills to act and thrive as an exemplar role model in the workplace.

After working together for years now, these efforts with Fortis Construction have been fulfilling, successful experiences. The relationship between Fusion Safety and Fortis Construction has been mutually beneficial and our synergy has helped both companies to achieve both project and business goals.

Fortis Construction’s Core Values

Life is too short. We want to work with and for people we respect, trust and care about.

We will continuously seek out challenges and push boundaries with creative ideas and solutions.

We have an intense will to win. We will go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else.

We are driven by work ethic and craftsmanship. We do our best work even if no one is looking.

“Fusion Safety has been an excellent partner in the APAC Region, helping to integrate our Corporate Vision on Safety into a region that wasn’t accustomed to projects operating under such robust safety standards and a focus on training the workforce.

Leveraging our partnership, we’ve been able have a positive impact on the way construction safety programs are implemented and executed in the region. Thousands of workers have personally benefitted from our training program, and they can take their new skills with them to future projects; a true win for everyone.”

Mike Schille, Sr Project Manager, Fortis Constuction

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