/ The Hero Code Project

/ The Hero Code Project

Much of the focus on safety is around safety management systems and risk assessments, leading to structures and processes that control the work environment. Often, the way people work together is not formally considered; human interaction is overlooked and may lead to workplace cultures that are below standard.

Experienced leaders know that there is a need to focus on developing leadership capability that leads to exemplar safety cultures. 

In a collaboration between Craig Docherty and Dr Ross Rynehart, Fusion Safety has developed a product that is having a resounding impact on an organisation’s safety culture. Over the past 3 years, Craig and Ross have jointly pulled together knowledge, skills, and attitudes, to formalise Fusion’s safety leadership offering. They call it the Hero Code Project.

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/ Hero Code Project

The Hero Code is a powerful set of guiding principles for leaders. It is powered by a set of knowledge, skills and attitudes, learned through participating in Hero Code courses,
workplace practice and coaching.

The Hero ‘CODE” itself stands for:

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The Hero Code develops safety leadership capability at all levels in an organisation, no matter what size.

The foundational elements of forming a Hero Code Project are the appointment of an Executive Sponsor to lead the program implementation and an Ambassador Group that will help embed the program into the organisation or workplace.

Team Members are then selected to undertake eLearning courses, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to ensure that the Hero Code principles and operational practices are embedded in the workplace.

The Hero Code is delivered to any organisation, no matter the size. It can be rolled out with organisations as small as 50 people, right through to large-scale operational organisations and projects of 30,000 people.

At Fusion Safety, we have created a unique delivery model for the formation of Hero Code Project in any organisation through a process we call Blended Learning. This involves a combination of online learning and face-to-face sense-making to ensure concepts and tools are understood. 

The eLearning modules provide the knowledge required to become a Hero Code Leader, while the face to face Experiential Learning and Action Learning will embed C.O.D.E. and the characteristics of Mindful Organising. Applying this model allows Fusion Safety to meet the needs of organisations of any size, anywhere in the world.

If you require any further information on the Hero Code, please download the following brochure or book a 15-minute discussion.

For a full description of the Hero Code, please download the Hero Code Brochure:

Learn more about the Hero Code for Teams at no cost

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Leadership & Culture

We specialise in the development of exemplar safety cultures that are highly effective, sustainable and ‘sticky’. At the core of exemplar safety cultures is leadership. We build the dynamic leadership cultures that drive safety. At the core of our approach is the Hero Code.

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