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Improve safety and success by unlocking leadership at all levels.

We believe that a dynamic leadership culture drives safety. 

It requires rethinking the hierarchical leadership structure and empowering leadership at all levels of your organisation.

We know that you can only bring out the leadership potential of anybody and everybody in the workplace through empowerment.

When you empower people to take charge of their particular area they’ll have have the confidence to raise concerns, identify opportunities to improve, and take action.

It kicks off an unstoppable momentum that results in change.

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/ The Hero Code is our proven strategy to empower your workforce and
unlock leadership at all levels

It focuses on:

  • Culture
  • Leadership
  • Change

The Hero Code is based on a set of powerful guiding principles that goes beyond compliance. 

It creates a culture of care where every employee, at every level, is given a voice.

The CODE in Hero Code stands for:

  • Courage to act
  • Own the challenge
  • Demonstrate passion
  • Engage respectfully
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The Hero Code is the missing link between the safety culture you have, and the safety culture you want.

It’s a simple yet powerful tool for change that delivers benefits across your entire business including:

  • Fewer accidents, injuries and errors
  • Better quality products and services
  • Greater efficiency
  • Happier, healthier, more engaged employees
  • Enhanced brand reputation – with staff, customers and partners

We can embed the Hero Code in your organisation in two ways:

  1. A comprehensive, organisation-wide roll out called The Hero Code Project
  2. Self-directed, online learning through the IOSH-Certified Hero Code Playbook

The Hero Code helps our clients achieve the highest standard of workplace safety by becoming a Highly Reliable Organisation through Mindful Organising.

For a full description of the Hero Code, please download the Hero Code Brochure:

Learn more about the IOSH Approved Hero Code Playbook through the free of charge sample course!

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Leadership & Culture

We specialise in the development of exemplar safety cultures that are highly effective, sustainable and ‘sticky’. At the core of exemplar safety cultures is leadership. We build the dynamic leadership cultures that drive safety. At the core of our approach is the Hero Code.

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