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To identify and address an organization’s Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) deficiencies, Fusion Safety employs its proprietary CODEBREAKER Methodology. Our approach targets the missing elements crucial for unraveling the organization’s full safety and leadership potential.

CODEBREAKER Methodology concentrates on two key areas :

Management of OSH

This aspect emphasizes the structured dimension of safety, encompassing systems and processes. It assesses the team’s ability to operationalize technical and safety procedures effectively.

Leadership of OSH

This area focuses on the more dynamic and intricate aspects of safety, particularly concerning the individuals within the organization. It evaluates leadership qualities across all levels and the collaborative dynamics within teams.





Basic framework

Good governance

Compliance based

OHS Capability

Positional leadership

Active leadership

Work groups

Tactical teams

Below is a non-exhaustive list of how Fusion Safety can transform your safety culture through the Managment and Leadership of Occupational Safety and Health.

/ Framework

Organisations need frameworks that are not only robust but are practical and are actually implemented with passion by all levels of an organisation.

We understand systems and processes, but more importantly how to create buy in which transforms a simple framework into good governance.

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/ Competence

An organisation will demonstrate robust safety management and leadership capabilities which enables the effective implementation of their Framework, ensuring compliance with legal requirements, and aligning with industry best practices.

Building competence and transforming this into OSH capability is something which Fusion Safety specialises in.

/ Leadership

Leadership is not only an individual trait, but the trait of groups and teams. Every employee should be contributing to Leadership, irrespective of position.

We have the tools to promote active leadership at all levels through the window of safety, providing a platform for leaders to emerge and thrive.

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/ Teams

We specialise in the development of exemplary safety cultures that are highly effective, sustainable and ‘sticky’. At the core of exemplary safety cultures are Teams where diversity is harnessed and embraced.

We build dynamic leadership cultures that are driven from the ground up via Tactical Teams. At the core of our approach is the HeroCODE.

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Improving Lives

(Our Simple Truth)


At the core of the HeroCODE Project is the understanding that, if we are to achieve such high levels of workplace safety maturity, leadership is needed
at all levels of the organisation. This is an important point in understanding the power and uniqueness of the Hero Code Project.

The HeroCODE Project is, in essence, an interconnected set of practical
safety leadership development initiatives that produce a common, organisation-wide safety leadership language, skills and practices.
Everyone is expected to develop the HeroCODE knowledge, skills and attitudes required to contribute to safety leadership.

The HeroCODE Project will produce leaders who are constantly informed about workplace challenges, have a continuous flow of information, and
who employ a common HeroCODE language and skills. Everyone will feel confident and safe to speak up and discuss issues that may cause harm
at any time.

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Fusion Safety

Fusion Safety is a team of highly skilled professionals, driven by the idea of improving lives through bespoke global safety and environmental solutions for businesses. Combining cutting edge technologies with proven techniques and innovative solutions, we assist organisations to help protect their workforce. We also lead the way for multinational companies that operate across the globe by bringing a unique understanding of the challenges of operating in different regions. This enables
us to provide targeted solutions for each of our partners with whom we nurture collaborative, trust-based relationships.
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At Fusion we have 3 Core Values:


Fusion relationships are built on respect, honesty and trust. Our partnerships and the ongoing value we provide to clients are sustained through our passion and the quality of our relationships.
Inclusive and collaborative relationships are expected.


We always give honest opinions, do the right things, and say the right things, even when it is uncomfortable. But we always do this with respect!
We provide outstanding quality work, delivering with passion.


Leadership capacity powers our success. At Fusion Safety, we know that leadership is most powerful when everyone contributes. Capturing diversity powers our success. Our success is dependent on our ability to provide a voice to all people and to invest in the leadership development of our people.

Sharing our Knowledge

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