The Universal Leadership Toolkit (U. L. T.)

/ A highly effective and practical online leadership course

  • Develop your own and your team’s leadership capabilities! 
  • Create a culture where leaders inspire others with great ideas! 
  • Develop a common leadership language and culture in your workplace! 
  • Encourage shared leadership that harnesses the diversity that lies dormant in your team!
  • Build skilful leadership based on rapport and inspiration!

The Universal Leadership Toolkit Course is your cost-effective, engaging, and practical  leadership development solution for your organisation.

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/ What is it?

The U.L.T. is a set of 8 leadership tools that are used to develop leadership knowledge and skills. While these 8 tools are certainly not the only leadership tools, they are the ones most consistently reported to be highly effective and of practical use by participants in leadership programs for over 25 years!

/ Who is it Designed For?

The U.L.T. can be used to develop comprehensive leadership cultures through organisations or to develop the leadership within specific teams. It can also be undertaken by individuals or small workgroups who wish to improve their leadership knowledge and skills.  

  1. Build an organisation’s leadership capability to ensure the effective rollout of the Fusion Hero Code Project across a large and complex organisation
  2. Build the leadership capability within an organisation to address a current and real  leadership challenge
  3. As a proactive and strategic leadership development initiative within an organisation
  4. By private individuals or small groups who wish to develop their leadership knowledge and skills as part of their professional career development.
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/ What is the content?

There are 5 learning modules in the online U.L.T. course.


This covers some broad concepts such as: 

  • Leadership and management 
  • Leadership theories 
  • Types of power 
  • Leadership styles 
  • Individual leadership and leadership teams 
  • Leadership and diversity

Module 1

2 tools to develop self-awareness 

  • Personality 
  • Feedback

Module 2

2 tools to develop self-management 

  • Filters 
  • Double-loop learning 

Module 3

2 tools to develop social awareness 

  • Perceptual positions 
  • Conversational maps

Module 4

2 tools to develop relationship management 

  • Rapport 
  • Politics

/ How does the learning process work?

The U.L.T. course is hosted by the Fusion Online Learning Academy. Learning is self-paced and participants follow a series of short video presentations on each topic and are guided through a series of content presentations and reflective learning exercises. Ideally, participants undertake the course in learning groups as the learning exercises are designed to get the most out of them in small groups of 4-5 people. 

When the U.L.T. is part of an organisation-wide leadership development project, we have tailored options supported by course directors and can also train your own in-house U.L.T. coaches to lead the organisation-wide rollout of the U.L.T. 

Participants can download their own U.L.T. workbook to record their learning journey. 

Our approach to learning is that undertaking the U.L.T. is Level 1 learning. At Level 1 you will have become aware of the knowledge of the U.L.T. To obtain Level 2, you need to commit to practice until you can demonstrate competence in using the U.L.T. 

Please discuss with our Fusion Safety consultants how we can help you design Level 1 and Level 2 learning processes in your organisation.

/ About the U.L.T. author and online facilitator

The Universal Leadership Toolkit has been developed by Dr Ross Rynehart, the Director of  Leadership, Learning, and Culture and Change at Fusion Safety. 

Dr Ross has a PhD in organisational change and leadership; Masters in Education (1st class Honours), a B.App.Sc.(Agr), and PG Diplomas of Education and Special Education. 

He has worked for over 20 years as a professional facilitator of organisational change and experiential leadership development. 

He is the Fusion Safety Director of Leadership, Learning, Culture and Change. 

Previously Station Leader, Mawson, Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions, Operations Manager for Queensland. Department of Natural Resources; Principal Project  Officer, Leadership Development for Queensland Government, Education Consultant and qualified teacher.

Dr Ross is the author of the book, Boosting Impact and Innovation in Higher Education.

/ Some comments from participants in Ross's leadership courses

It was a master class in workshopping and leadership development. Exceeded my expectations by miles!

It was one of the most empowering experiences of my life. The program is so well designed to bring out the leader in you, that you hardly realise it’s happening. I would recommend the program to absolutely anyone!

An amazing experience all round.

It seriously was a great experience.

Fantastic, energising, inspiring. Thought-provoking, perspective-shifting, fun.

Amazing focus on bringing out all individuals within the group. I have seen many people participate in leadership programs with Ross and they have developed greatly as individual leaders as well as having learnt much more about operating as a team.

Ross’s programs are designed to engage participants practically in the development of leadership skills in a manner that engages the sceptical and reluctant leader in what leadership is about. I was surprised at how enthusiastically colleagues took to the material and used the toolkit in their day-to-day dealings with staff.

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