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Why Leadership Matters in an Organisation

Today’s business climate is characterised by complexity and unpredictability, which makes adaption and change inevitable. Effective management of an organisation is essential, but without highly effective leadership, an organisation can drop behind the pack, become increasingly irrelevant and will eventually, fail. The challenge for organisations is to first clarify the type of leadership culture it wants, and then execute a comprehensive strategy to achieve that desired leadership culture. But how to start?  Whom to trust? How much will this cost?  

How do you Define Leadership?

Caveat emptor! There are hundreds of definitions of leadership! You need to be sure that the type of leadership you aspire to aligns with your company values. Here at Fusion Safety, we see leadership as a process of setting clear directions, inspiring others to collaborate in pursuit of an idea or vision, thinking ‘out of the box’, taking intelligent risks and challenging assumptions. Importantly, we see leadership as a bucket to which everyone is expected to contribute. At Fusion Safety, Leadership is one of our core values – we aim to harness the full leadership potential of all our people. At Fusion Safety, everyone is expected to develop their leadership skills. They are supported and provided with opportunities to contribute to the leadership bucket.  

The Most Important Skills for Successful Leaders

There are 4 key areas in which leaders need to develop high-level skills:

      Self Awareness 

  • What are my preferred ways of influencing?
  • How do others experience me?

      Self Management

  • How well can I control my thoughts and behaviours?
  • How well do I reflect and learn?

        Social Awareness

  • Do I listen to and understand others…or do I just listen to the sound of my own voice?
  • Can I see dynamics in group conversations and modify my behaviours to be effective?

        Relationship Management

  • Can I build rapport with a wide range of people?
  • Do I understand group politics and use many types of power appropriately?

 Why Leadership is Important

Without leadership, an organisation is rudderless and prone to wandering without direction, which will burn precious resources. This will adversely affect morale, productivity and the company’s reputation. Leadership is needed to change direction (minor or radical), to be nimble in an increasingly unstable and unpredictable world.

Leadership at Fusion Safety

At Fusion Safety, we believe leadership is so important; we have appointed a Director of Leadership, Dr Ross Rynehart. As well as continuing to mentor our leadership team, he will focus on ensuring that our Leadership products, including the Hero Code, and Universal Leadership Toolkit, are delivered to an extremely high standard.  

 How Fusion Safety is Helping Organisations Build their Leadership Capabilities

We want to ensure our clients experience real change because of working with us. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure our partner organisations build organisational capabilities and a leadership culture that can harness the power of the people at all levels. While leadership is at the core of our flagship product, the Hero Code, we have also made available to our clients, our bespoke approach to leadership development, the Universal Leadership Toolkit. (U.L.T.). The U.L.T. was developed initially to build our internal leadership culture at Fusion Safety. However, when engaging with our key clients through our Ocular process, a need for leadership development was identified to ensure the effective establishment of exemplary safety cultures. 

 Our U.L.T. is now available to all our clients. The U.L.T. has been developed by Dr Ross over 25 years by constantly refining leadership development initiatives in large and complex organisations. It contains a set of 8 highly effective leadership tools that thousands of participants have named as being the most effective in enhancing their leadership. The U.L.T. not only builds the leadership capability needed to drive safety cultures, but it also has the added bonus of being universally applicable to other areas of the organisation where effective leadership is needed.

In today’s fast-paced, complex and demanding business environment, leadership is needed at all levels of an organisation. Fusion’s Universal Leadership Toolkit (U.L.T.) is a proven and cost-effective leadership development solution that will make a difference!  Here are just a few of the hundreds of similar comments from past participants that tell that story!

  • The program was the most stimulating and interesting leadership development program I have done.
  • I must say that the program was the most confronting and the most beneficial professional development I have undertaken in my career, and I wish it was available to me when I first became Head.
  • It will go down as one of a few experiences in which I have learnt more about myself than I could have thought possible.
  • Just a personal note of thanks for a very insightful, dare I say ‘life-changing’ experience for me…
  • I have to say that it is without a doubt the best Professional Development I have ever done.
    • The program has achieved high success among the leadership team and is ready to disseminate to the wider community.
    • The success and the value of the program are not to achieve a particular type of management, but to equip the leaders with the ability and knowledge of how to lead.

If leadership is important to you and your organisation, why don’t you contact us for a free, no-obligation discussion about how the U.L.T. might boost your organisation’s leadership culture? 

You could also book a 15-minute discovery call to talk to us or visit our website to learn more about how we can assist your organisation.

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